• "We wanted to thank you for all your hard work in the organisation of the event, and to thank the band from the bottom of our hearts for their amazing performance..."

    Nicole & Mathieu, Bride & Groom, Auch, France
  • "THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! The band were quite amazing on Saturday night, the vocalists incredible and the dance floor was packed from start to finish!"

    Caroline; Mother of the bride (wedding)
  • "Let me just say a huge thank you for rocking our party! We had such a lot of fun!! Please can you pass on the message to all the musicians who played!"

    Nicole; Bride (wedding)
  • "Please pass on our renewed thanks to the band. They were absolutely superb and made the evening. Seeing 100 people dancing to "Play that Funky Music White Boy" was something I shall remember with a smile..."

    Sarah; Bride (wedding)
  • "I would like first and foremost to thank you for an absolutely amazing evening. The atmosphere was electric and the dance-floor full. Well done and thank you!!"

    Diana; mother-of-the-bride (wedding)
  • "Once again many thanks for making it a fabulous evening, as you did for my other daughter last summer - well done! I am now un/fortunately fresh out of marriageable children..."

    Diana; mother-of-the-bride (wedding)
  • "Wow!! and wow again!! The Swing Connection were fabulous! I didn't doubt that they would be but they exceeded all expectations. The choice of music was spot on and the singer was great..."

    Sue (birthday)
  • "Absolutely blown away by your fantastic performance and we would not hesitate to strongly recommend you in the future. The artists were amazingly talented, and great fun too!..."

    Vicky; Bride (wedding)
  • "Thank you once again for the huge part you played in ensuring that this years' Leukaemia Research Charity Ball was such a success. Once again the dance floor remained full all evening and we all had a fantastic time."

    Christine (Charity Event)

Exclusive bands to hire for Jewish weddings

Choosing the perfect Jewish Simcha wedding band can be a tricky decision. You obviously want great live music at your wedding, and many Jewish wedding bands will offer this, but it is also very important that your chosen wedding band has experience in performing at Jewish Weddings. An experienced Simcha band will be able to provide the live music for the whole day including the music for the Chuppah ceremony, the traditional Hora dancing and the party music for the evening reception. The Musicquarium has been providing wedding bands throughout the UK for over 10 years and hence our musicians have extensive experience at performing at Jewish weddings and are fully aware of all traditional elements involved. We have many excellent client testimonials and are not afraid to use them! In fact, you can see many of them in the blue testimonials bar at the top of the page. Our bands are also perfectly suited for barmitzvahs and batmitzvahs too. Please don't hesitate to ask if you need any further advice. We always try to accommodate any requests you might have.

Please view our range of wedding bands suitable for Jewish weddings.

Why is The Musicquarium different to other bands and agents?

Well, first of all we are more than ONE band but we are certainly not an agency. We are the best of both! We have a number of excellent Jewish wedding band options to choose from, each one specifically designed to cater for a different style of live music booking and repertoire. All of our Jewish wedding bands were formed by The Musicquarium and are exclusively managed by us. All of our staff also perform in the Jewish wedding bands; we are NOT a music agency and you will NOT be charged agency commission. All of our band members are sourced from the same central group of top professional musicians and most musicians are able to perform in most of our wedding bands. This enables Jewish wedding band hire to be completely flexible in terms of repertoire and instrumentation. If you would like to read more please visit our 'about' page. All of our Jewish wedding bands were formed by The Musicquarium and are exclusively managed by us.

To give you a few ideas, we would recommend considering the following:

Chuppah Ceremony: Solo piano, piano & sax/clarinet duo, piano & bass & sax/clarinet trio
Drinks Reception: Solo piano, piano & sax duo, piano & bass & sax trio, piano & bass & drums trio
Wedding Breakfast: vocal & piano/guitar duo, sax & piano/guitar duo, piano & bass & drums trio
Hora: 6-piece party band (or larger) fronted by male vocalist (and female if required, depending on religious circumstances). Saxophone/clarinet or brass section can be added if required for that extra
finishing touch.
Evening Party: 6 to 10-piece party band fronted by male and female vocalists; Optional saxophone or brass section.

Can we demonstrate the options on offer?

We have a number of Jewish audio samples available on our media player (left side of the page) which should give you an instant idea of what we can do. You can also view our live videos on the individual band pages (Funkification for example). If you are still not convinced then we can add you to the guest list for one of our live public events or even get permission to give you access to another wedding performance (subject to client approval). We want to give you every opportunity to truly understand how professional and versatile we are!

Read more information on Jewish Weddings

How traditional will the Jewish wedding be?

Planning a Jewish wedding dance can include a number of traditional Jewish dances interspersed between contemporary and secular music. The bride and groom often decide what to include based on how traditional the wedding festivities will be. Jewish weddings often have many customs passed down from generation to generation, and dancing is no exception. Contemporary couples may choose to devote only a small portion of their wedding reception music to participating in classic traditional dances. They may base this upon their own wishes, requests from parents, or the number of guests who are familiar with these dances. If a large percentage of the guests are not familiar with Jewish wedding customs it is courteous to include more contemporary or even secular music along with the traditional dances. Of course the final decision on how to conduct the wedding music is up to the bridge and groom!

Chuppah musicians

The Chuppah is the most important part of your wedding day and choosing the right music for your Chuppah should be considered carefully. It is most common for us to provide a duo of piano and saxophone (or clarinet) for this part of the day and the performance would normally consist of the following parts: 10 to 20 minutes before the ceremony (whilst your guests arrive and are seated), the procession of the bride down the aisle, performance during the ceremony and 10 to 15 minutes after the ceremony for the Simcha music.

Background jazz for drinks receptions or wedding breakfast

All of our musicians are extremely talented jazz musicians and hence we can also provide a live jazz band for your drinks reception or wedding breakfast. We would use musicians from the main evening party band rather than bringing in a separate group of musicians. This is much cheaper than hiring a jazz band separately as our wedding musicians will already be at your event. Please see Urban Jazz Collective or Swing Connection for more information on live jazz for weddings.

Traditional Israeli 'Hora' dancing

The Hora is a popular dance form which is performed at practically every Jewish wedding for which we provide a wedding band. It is a very lively and joyous part of the wedding day! During this dance the bride and the groom are lifted above the shoulders of guests, and whilst sitting on chairs the bride and groom may wave a handkerchief or napkin to each other, or even hold the ends of a single handkerchief if they are feeling brave. A wide circle of guests is formed around the couple, dancing clockwise and anticlockwise. This dance is also often referred to as the ‘chair dance’ for obvious reasons. Any band that you book for your Jewish wedding should not only be experienced in performing for the Hora dancing but they should also have enough repertoire to keep the dancing going for a significant amount of time until the guests start to get tired. This can vary from 5 to 20 minutes! The music would ideally be played in medley form so that the dancing is constant without breaks between songs. For example, a 'standard' Hora medley performed by one of our bands would consist of something like this, played either instrumentally, with vocals (in Hebrew) or a mixture of both:

  • Hava Nagila
  • Shalom Alechem
  • Siman Tov U Mazel Tov
  • (Chosen Kale) Mazel Tov
  • Moshiach Moshiach Moshiach
  • Ose Shalom
  • Tzena Tzena
  • Mayim Mayim
  • Odessa Bulgarish

We are also happy to add songs to the Hora medley if requested with enough notice.

Music for the evening wedding party - "mix and match"

The unique way in which The Musicquarium works is that you do not have to choose just one style of wedding band. If you like the look of 2 of our live wedding party bands just let us know and we can 'mix and match' more than one band to ensure that your band can play exactly the style of music you are looking for. If your perfect wedding band is a mix of repertoire from our funk/soul/70s band (Funkification) and our swing/jazz/Ratpack band (Swing Connection) then we can tailor the instrumentation to make it possible! We will consider all requests so don’t be afraid to ask!

Authentic Klezmer Band

As an alternative to our 'electric' party function bands, we can also provide an acoustic Klezmer band for traditional Balkan dancing music including many Jewish and Israeli favourites. They can even play a few swing tracks if you prefer! The standard instrumentation would be clarinet, violin, guitar and double bass but this could be augmented if required. The band can perform acoustically or amplified, making them versatile and mobile in their performance options. Please ask for more information.