About The Musicquarium Australia

The Musicquarium is not a music agency, but nor are we 'just' a wedding band. We fit perfectly between the two, with the personal service and attention to detail that you would expect of a live band, and the multitude of options and professional service of a live music agency. Our prices are very competitive too as we are a family run business without an expensive office to maintain :-)

The Musicquarium was born in 2001 in London, England. It was the brainchild of Dave Odams, trombone/ sousaphone player, and the original offering was a 9-piece soul band and nothing more. The band grew in popularity and our first year saw us perform at many weddings, corporate events and birthday parties. Due to a number of requests from our clients we decided to offer the option to scale the size of the band up or down, perform different styles of music (jazz, swing, rock, pop, funk, soul) and generally cover all musical angles. For a while we used Funkification to perform at all of our weddings and events but this became a little confusing for our clients, especially when we were talking about a band called ‘Funkification’ to provide an evening of swing and jazz. To cover all of these options in the most efficient way we recruited more professional musicians, created additional live band performance options to specialise in various styles of music.

The Musicquarium (UK) grew from strength to strength and is still one of the most sought after wedding band providers in the UK. Dave moved to Sydney in 2011 (but still runs the business with staff in the UK) and began to plant the same musical seeds in Australia. Both businesses now run in parallel with an amazing collection of top-class professional musicians on both sides of the world!

Since then our services have escalated to the full scale production that you see today; we have a small group of professional bands with each one having their own identity and top class reputation. We have musicians performing at hundreds of weddings, Jewish weddings, corporate events, birthday parties, Barmitzvahs, Batmitzvahs, product launches, festivals, award ceremonies and public venues each year. We use the services of some of the most sought after names in the Sydney professional music scene, each of them with an impressive resume outside of The Musicquarium.

We have a great range of live wedding bands and professional musicians to choose from. Our options cover soul, pop, funk, rock, disco, modern chart, swing, jazz, jump jive, brass band, New Orleans traditional and even classical music. You can even build your own band if we don't have an option that meets your requirements. Our musicians are based in Sydney and Melbourne so we have many options spanning a large area!

Our website demonstrates all of our services and you can listen to audio, watch video and scroll through images of almost all of our wedding bands for hire. Please contact us with the details of your event and we will send you a quotation via email to show you the options we have on offer.

If you have any questions at all please don't hesitate to ask. We are always happy to discuss your event in detail and prvide tips on wedding planning and live wedding entertainment.

We look forward to working with you soon!

Dave Odams

Partner / Trombone / Sousaphone
The Musicquarium Australia